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When it comes to apps that has been very successful in 2020, video calling and conferencing platforms are those that must be mentioned, due to the increase in user share the majority of them have had with the pandemic and becoming valuable tools to stay in touch with family and friends in a time when staying at home is safer. Houseparty is one of these apps that has experience success recently, but involving a different approach.

Houseparty, as its name says is about fun and having a party through mobile devices and computers that allow us to interact, stay connected and even play while having a video chat, and exactly by this approach is that the app has called the attention of users and therefore become successful.

The importance is so relevant respecting the app that massive social events are taking place this year, such as the one in which the internet celebrity Addion Rae will be participating on Houseparty, along with many more but more on that later.

Details about the Houseparty App

In simple words, Houseparty is an application and web service that combines video calls and social media interaction and functions in one platform. In this way, the platform is far away from the business and corporative approach similar apps have today, which are more focused on offering solutions to help with telework and similar.

On the other hand, Houseparty is more about the fun and purpose of communication while having a great time talking with loved ones and friends, in a very informal environment and through a very easy to use interface that virtually anyone can use. The party is definitely on with Houseparty and the social events that are carried from time to time, showing the relevance of the platform worldwide. Everybody is talking about it and installing it on their phones.

Functions Available on Houseparty: From Floating Rooms to Games

By using Houseparty, we will be able to enjoy a great set of functions. For instance, we can set rooms for video calls where up to 8 people can talk to each other at the same time, and as many rooms as the user needs can be active to float between them on the screen of the device. Every room can be used to talk to family, another for friends and so on.

Also, when it comes to contacts there are many ways in which the user can add them easily: manually, by syncing the contacts list from the phone to the app or even by importing contacts from the user´s Facebook account.

One important feature offered by Houseparty is the possibility to play games on it, where all eight participants joining a room can enjoy the title at the same time and have a blast. Currently, there are nine games available with more coming, including traditional card games as Uno or those perfect for the family like Trivia and Quick Trivia.

Social Event on Houseparty: In the House

Houseparty takes advantage of its market and user share, along with general relevance to carry out great social events online. One of them to be celebrated is the Houseparty´s In the House event, which is going to bring together in the app a great number of celebrities of different industries and niches.

From music and tech famous people to dancers, influencers and singers, this party is going to be a big event in May of 2021, bringing together all of them along with the users in one place to have a great time, showing talent around the world. This event is one great reason to download Houseparty on your mobile phone and wait for the biggest online social party ever.

People Attending the Event In the House

In the House will be a 3-days festival where more than 40 artists and celebrities of different niches and industries will be present, interacting with their followers and Houseparty users who want to join the party.

For instance, musicians from all over the world will be featuring the festival, such as: Chvrches, Miguel, Katy Perry, DaBaby, Alicia Keys, Idina Menzel, Dua Lipa and John Legend. In the workout department, representatives will be: Kerri Verna, Terry Crews, Gabi Butler, Cam Newton and Lindsey Harrod.

Chefs will be in the house as well: Jeremy Fall, Roy Choi, Chef Mike, José Andrés, Christina Tosi and Marissa Mullen will be the attenders regarding this industry.

Dancers and singers will include: Tinashe, Jalaiah, Derek Hough, Addison Rae of who will be speaking in detail later, Conrad Rocha, Bad Bunny, Craig Robinson, Snoop Dog, Dr. Woo, Westside Gun, JB Smoove, 2 Chainz. Featuring actors will be Neil Patrick Harris and Zoey Deschanel.

Addison Rae: Tik Toker and Dancer Present In the House

Adisson Rae is a dancer and the influencer who has the second biggest number of followers on the social network Tik Tok. This 20-years old internet celebrity will be attending the In the House event by Houseparty on May 16th at 2:30 pm EDT. So, those fans of this dancer cannot miss the festival and must installed the app on their phones.

In details, Adisson will be talking about her experience as a dancer and how she sees her influence on social media as a way to have a better world.

Dates of the In the House Event and How to Join it on the App

Houseparty´s In the House event will start on May 15th, following May 16th and finishing on May 17th. Celebrities and people featuring the event will appear according to schedule. To enjoy the festival, download the app and in those days look for the button with the TV icon and tap on “In the House” event to join.



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