¿What is Slack?

slack logo

It is increasingly common for a company of any size to have its workers spread out over different cities in the same country or even in different countries. Traditional work environments are gradually giving way to new ones in which communication is no longer face-to-face, but through programs that allow video calls or instant messaging …

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Houseparty App Review

Best reviews of Houseparty

In this article we will analyze the Houseparty App Reviews. The goal, will be to understand a little better what this fashionable app consists. For that we will reviews of the users, and parents of the users. Let’s go with it! If you are convinced by the reviews, then you are ready to download Houseparty …

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How to use Houseparty App

How to use Houseparty App 2020

On this article, we will learn how to use Houseparty app, one of the most popular applications of 2020. Depending on the circumstances, and almost without knowing it, there are applications, series, games, etc. that become fashionable and this is what has happened with Houseparty in this coronavirus quarantine. IS IT EASY TO USE IT? …

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