HouseParty for iOS iPhone iPad

At this time of confinement, staying in touch with friends and family has become very important in order to know about love ones and their wellbeing, with video call apps perfect for this purpose. While there are many out there that you could use, HouseParty is the only application for video calling and chatting that combines social functions and games to get the most of these meetings with friends, family or colleagues and have the best time.

Knowing a little bit more about HouseParty

In details, HouseParty is a social networking application focused on getting people together, through video calls, chat and games between family, friends and their friends all together in one multiplatform service. HouseParty is compatible with iOS and iPhone, iPadOS and models like the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro, along with iPod Touch on the latest models.

HouseParty allows users to create virtual rooms where up to eight people may enter and chat, talk and interact with each other and even play, so having a great time for hours is a blast. Likewise, users can have any number of rooms with active participants and float between them seamlessly, so staying in touch with many people at once is possible.

Now, HouseParty is outstanding in comparison to other apps for videoconference available today. First of all, houseParty offers a more social and fun approach when chatting and talking to friends over our smartphone or tablet, and secondly, calling or getting in touch will never be annoying again, since people will get in the rooms exactly when they are available to talk with others, all of the participants receiving a notification when someone gets inside.

This means that missed calls and calling at unfortunate times is a thing of the past, since with the app and its rooms people will be called and reached when they want and by entering, so time to have fun and free of responsibilities is when they say it is, not before or later and this is one of the best features about HouseParty.

How to install HouseParty on iPhone and iPad

HouseParty is available on iPhone and iPad through compatible versions of the app for iOS and iPadOS, so almost every recent and older device manufactured by Apple belonging to these lines of products will run the app just fine. This is the process to install it:

  • Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad, go to the App Store icon and tap it (or click here APP iOS).
  • On the top locate the Search Bar and enter the words “houseparty”, so the app can be shown on a list.
  • Find the app, tap on it in case you want to know more about it, or click on “Install” directly to have it on the device a few seconds later. For the download to start, confirm your identity by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor or showing your face to the Face ID authentication system.
  • With the app downloaded on the phone or tablet, the next step is to launch it and start using it by first creating an account and login.