Fortnite Mode on Houseparty

2020 definitely has been the year of video calling apps as the best tool to stay connected and in touch with the people we love, due to the pandemic that unfortunately have kept us at home for quite some time now. With many offers respecting these apps, only a few have highlighted regarding their functions and possibilities, and one of them is Houseparty that happens to have the exciting Fortnite mode.

In details, Houseparty and Fortnite are owned by Epic Games and the company has integrated each other, in order to enjoy of video calls while playing the game that has been without a doubt the most successful battle royale to this day. Let´s talk about this function thoroughly, as well as the general functions Houseparty includes as a video calling app with social possibilities that has made it stand out among the rest.

Knowing a little more about Houseparty

Houseparty is a platform that allows the user to make video calls and chat with other contacts, usually family or friends through their smartphones or also with their computers. In this way, people can be connected and in touch easily without leaving home and talk with up to seven more in rooms that can be easily floated between one and other. The possibilities are endless.

What is important is that this platform does not have this corporative or business approach many others have, but one that is more focus on social use. In fact. Houseparty is described by Epic Games by a social networking app that allows users to make video calls, with a more informal and fun-oriented purpose.

The app is available for downloading on Android and iOS, as well as a browser extension to use in any computer with Chrome, Edge or compatible.

Social Approach of Houseparty

As aforementioned, Houseparty is more like a social network platform half-way of becoming a video calling service, combining the two. This means that the way in which users take advantage of it is more informal. This is when games come to the equation using the platform by allowing the eight participants in a call to interact and play with each other, having a great time.

At present time, there are nine games in total to enjoy on Houseparty: Karaoke, Pick Me, Uno, WordRacers, Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac, Quick Draw and Magic 8 Ball. Every game can be played while having the video call running, offering thousands of hours of fun with family and friends.

Thanks to this, Epic saw a great opportunity to integrate Houseparty with a bigger game and take advantage of the video calls within the game; we are talking about Fortnite. Let´s see more about it.

Fortnite Mode on Houseparty: What is it?

Fortnite is the battle royale developed and published by Epic Games, with millions of players across the world on mobile devices and also on consoles. Since Houseparty is owned by this company, they decided to integrate them and allow the users the possibility to make video calls with Houseparty while playing Fortnite.

This has a great entertaining potential, since other players can see you while you play and you can also see other while they play, listening what they have to say about the match and sharing.

While using Fortnite mode on Houseparty, the same functions remain in terms of number of participants that can be up to 8 in one room, and all of them must have a console or computer to play, the app installed and their phone and being contacts or friends of friends. The only difference is that the content and video will be sort of casted in Fortnite for the others to see you and the opposite.

Possibilities of Fortnite Mode on Houseparty

Fortnite players will be able to talk and be seen by their friends thanks to Houseparty, in any of the events or the arena while they play. In this way, friends and players can interact and have a great time while fighting in the matches. This mode is available for players using PC, Play Station 4 and Play Station 5, probably coming to Xbox consoles any time soon.

Along with the system, the player will also need a smartphone with the Houseparty app installed and running. The front or rear camera must be facing the player for others to see him or her while playing. Since Houseparty is available for Android and iOS, iPhones, iPads and other smartphones manufactured by Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and other brands and compatible.

How to Set and Use Fortnite mode on Houseparty

Setting Fortnite mode on Houseparty is actually quite easy. The first step is to have Fortnite running on the system, either on a Play Station 4, Play Station 5 or PC. Now, download Houseparty on your mobile device and register on the platform, or open session if you already have an account.

Tap on the icon with an “F” on the app and Epic Games will ask you to connect your Fortnite account with your Houseparty account. Follow the steps to finish the linking. Once the devices and accounts are linked, the last step is to actually start playing while you can have a live video call with the other players where they see you and you see them, as easy as that.

The video calls through the Fortnite mode in Houseparty are completely safe. Background will not be shown and just the face of the players that must be at least 13 years or older to play. Only contacts and friends of friends can join. The room can be locked using the button with the padlock icon, blocking access to other players.

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