Houseparty App Review

In this article we will analyze the Houseparty App Reviews. The goal, will be to understand a little better what this fashionable app consists. For that we will reviews of the users, and parents of the users. Let’s go with it!

If you are convinced by the reviews, then you are ready to download Houseparty app.


Even though it was created 3 years ago, Houseparty has had a boom in 2020. The quarantine we have to live through because of a damn global virus it´s the main reason. Being a very fun and simple platform, it is having a great success among groups of friends.

We are going to try to collect opinions from all kinds of users (of different ages), and reviews of houseparty from its beginnings until now.


The age range of people who play houseparty is currently between 15 and 30 years old.

For that reason, we have tried to collect houseparty reviews from all age groups, so that we can make a fairer overall assessment.

Houseparty App reviews
Houseparty Reviews from kids
Houseparty for kids


With the advent of new technologies, parents may be concerned about how their children will use them.

Many times it is necessary to be aware of the applications your child uses, to really know if they are suitable or not.

That’s why we also bring you the Houseparty app reviews from parents.

Parents reviews of Houseparty app
Houseparty and parents
Parent review about houseparty


Another effective way to learn about House Party App reviews is from users who have downloaded the application from Google Play.

In the next picture we can see the average rating given by Google users to Houseparty

Houseparty reviews from google play


In general the Houseparty app reviews are being very positive. Not only now, but since their creation. There are people who miss more games, or who have had problems with registration. But most users have given positive feedback about Houseparty app.

Keep in mind there are users of all kinds. There are users from different countries and cultures, different ages, different tastes…,etc. So it is impossible that there is a single opinion about Houseparty.

On the other hand, we can also see how parents see no danger in using the app, although they do recommend that it be used on children over 14 years old. Logically it will depend on the maturity of the child, but setting the minimum age at 14 seems to be a consistent reason.


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