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Apps for making video calls and conferencing have experienced a great increase in use these days, due to the pandemic and the interest of people in general in staying in touch with the ones they love over distance, as well as having telework purposes by acting as platforms that allow to remain productive in confinement. Houseparty online is one of these platforms with big success in the last months.

Houseparty is an app that has become quite relevant when it comes to video calls and chatting in general, and this is because of its very original approach focused on having a good time and enjoy with family and love ones through the screen, in comparison to the more serious and corporative focus of other similar applications for video calls.

Now, while Houseparty was originally designed as an app for mobile operating systems and devices, currently there is the possibility to use Houseparty online through the web in almost any computer.

Houseparty Online: What is it?

Houseparty is a platform that combines a social network and video calling app into one, with elements that involve interaction between the rooms and participants on them, having as purpose to provide quality and good time while chatting with friends, family and important people in general. This is the reason why the app has become such a huge success and has been developed to be used in any browser as Houseparty online.

In this way, users do not necessarily require a mobile device as a smartphone or tablet to use Houseparty, but a connected computer and an internet browser. Before this, the app was only compatible with mobile devices by downloading the corresponding app on Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and App store, respectively. Houseparty on the web is on beta version now and more functions will be added sooner.

What You Can Do With Houseparty Online

With Houseparty you will be able to video chat with up to eight people at the same time, throughout the “rooms” that can be locked or free for people or you to create and join in. Along with the traditional functions included in a video call by allowing the other contacts on the screen to listen and see you, the platform offers another set of social features to take advantage of directly.

For example, users in your contacts list will be notified at the moment you enter the platform, letting them know you are available for a fun video call in the platform. In the same way, users can send and receive friend requests to add new friends and friends of friends.

However, for many people the most fun and social possibility of Housearty is to play games while chatting and have a great time. Some of the available titles to play are: Uno, Pick Me, Karaoke that is a favorite and more.

How to Use Houseparty Online?

Natively, Houseparty is available for iOS and Android as most popular mobile platforms in the world. So, by downloading and installing the app in any smartphone or tablet will let the users to take advantage of the application to perform video calls and have fun at the same time, with family and friends through different games and other functions.

Nonetheless, Houseparty is also compatible with internet browsers, so it can be used on computers and laptops. In this way, the app is almost compatible with any mobile or local device available, making it more suitable to be used and getting more and more market share.

Basically, using Houseparty online is the same as using the app on any mobile device, but on a desktop or laptop with a bigger screen. While Houseparty online is on beta, it includes the majority of functions available on the native app.

Sign up to start using Houseparty

To start taking advantage of Houseparty to make video calls full of fun with family and friends using a computer or laptop, we need to sign up first. To begin with, open a new window or tab on the internet browser of choice. For security purpose, the recommendation is always using an up-to-date browser.

The next step is to access the URL address: “”. Click on “Register” and complete the registration by filling the requested information, such as username, email address, password, name, photo and gender.

To confirm the process, optionally Houseparty will require to enter a valid mobile phone number to check identity. After the information is entered and the security code received via SMS, the process will be completed.

Opening Session on Houseparty Online

Now that we have created our Houseparty account, it is time to open session. To Log in, access the same URL address shown before but in this case directly enter the requested information: the email address or username related to the account, as well as the password. In this way the session will be opened.

Before using Houseparty online properly on your computer or laptop, after logging in the platform will require permission to use specific hardware, such as the installed webcam, microphone and notifications to function properly.

Without this permissions and access to the hardware, Houseparty will not work properly and able to show the user on the screen and their contacts. Fortunately, when permissions are granted Houseparty will be ready to be used just fine.

How to chat on Houseparty Online

Having registered and logged in on the platform, the next step is to add contacts and start having video calls.

To do it, click on the button with a “+” icon to add a new contact manually or sync Facebook contacts seamlessly. If it is easier, click on your name on the left and copy the link and then share it with your friends so they can find you in Houseparty. The button with the dice icon is the list of games available to play.


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