How do I sneak into Houseparty without my contacts knowing?

Video calling apps and conferencing platforms have been the star of the show since the pandemic started hard in 2020, as main tools that allow us to communicate and stay in touch with friends, family, coworkers and more due to the impossibility of leaving our homes thanks to confinement. One of these platforms that have reached great success during this time is Houseparty.

Now, Houseparty is not like other video calling and conferencing app offered by plenty of providers where Google, Microsoft and Apple are included but focusing on a more corporative and business approach and giving more importance to remote work and similar purposes.

On the other hand, Houseparty has been developed to be more focused on social aspects, entertainment and as a platform that could be easy to use to stay in touch with family and friends, in a more informal environment. Let´s see all about this platform and how do I sneak into Houseparty without my contacts knowing.

What is Houseparty anyway?

In concept, Houseparty is an app and online platform in beta version that let users to make video calls on mobile devices, completely for free. The application can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, and it can also be used on internet browser through the corresponding extension or with the web version of the services.

Houseparty is based on these sections called “rooms” that are able to hold up to 8 participants on a single video call, and the user can float in as many rooms they are joining in with different purposes. For example, you can talk with a group of friends in one room and with family in the other, switching between them seamlessly.

Also, Houseparty stands out among other similar video calling and conferencing platform due to its ease of use and straightforward options.

Social Approach of Houseparty

The main characteristic that differentiates Houseparty in comparison to other similar apps is the fact that has a more social approach focused on fun, entertainment and having a good time in general between friends and family, as the perfect platform for this purpose. This is done through a number of functions that include adding frames while having the video calls, along with filters and effects.

Nonetheless, the most important added function for social and fun purpose in the platform is the possibility to play games while having the video call, completely live and among all the participants in the active rooms. Interaction in games is a great way to have fun and stay in touch with loved ones in times where leaving the house is not an option.

Currently, there are nine titles that can be played on Houseparty while more are being added over time. From classic ones like Uno and Trivia to Pick Me and Karaoke, so hours of fun are guaranteed while staying in touch.

How to Use Houseparty

Houseparty is a very easy to use platform for mobile phones running Android and iOS through the app, and also for local computers and laptops running more traditional operating systems like Windows and Mac.

To start, download the Houseparty app on your phone from the corresponding market and open session by entering username and password. In case you do not have an account, tap on the option “Register” to create one by filling the required information: username, password, birthdate and phone number.

If you want to use Houseparty on a computer, open a tab or window on your internet browser of choice and access the URL address: “”, then click on “Login” to open session or in “Register” to create the account. Currently the web version of the service is in beta but main functions and games are available.

With the account created, you are ready to open session and begin using Houseparty as intended. Now, to take advantage of the benefits of the platform you are going to need adding contacts, as well as starting rooms and to know how to sneak into Houseparty without friends to be warned. This is how is done:

Adding Contacts on Houseparty

To take the most out of Houseparty you need contacts and friends so they can call you or you can call them while they are using the platform.

To do it, open session and then locate the button on the top right corner of the screen with a “+” icon. Then, tap on “Add New Friends” and a menu abut different ways to add friends will be displayed. Add contacts manually by name, directly by the contacts added on the phone or from Facebook.

How to Start a Room on Houseparty

To create a room on Houseparty, you just need to enter to the app and immediately a room will be created for you to add friends to join in. Also, at the moment you access the app all of your added contacts will be notified about that you are available to receive a video call or enter a room. In this way, missed calls are a thing from the past.

To invite contacts to join your room, click on the button with the icon of a hand on top of the screen and from the list select the online contacts. As easy as that.

How sneaking into Houseparty without letting anyone to know

Houseparty lets all of our contacts knowing that we are available on the app at the moment we access, and in many cases this can be inconvenient.

To avoid it, on your mobile phone tap and press down the icon of the Houseparty app and then tap on the option “Sneak”, and like this you will enter the platform without anyone to know.

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