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HouseParty is the trending app for video calls and chat that let users stay in touch with friends, family and love ones at this of times of pandemic and confinement, with a different approach in comparison to other applications that are more formal, less intuitive or with less functions that make them quite basic.

With HouseParty, up to 8 people can be together through the “Rooms” that are virtual spaces created for people to connect with family and friends, all at the same time and exactly when they get in to every one of these rooms, letting the app know other users that you are available for chatting at the moment you enter and when others enter as well, thanks to notifications.

Users can seamlessly float between rooms with no effort and talk to many people at the same time, great for conferencing. However, one of the key features that is considered valuable respecting HouseParty is the fact people that are chatting in a room can play games and have a great time, especially ideal when talking to family and kids that unfortunately are far away.

Some of the games that can be played are classics like: Chips and Guac! Quick Draw, Heads Up! And Trivia, and to play is a simple as tapping on any of the titles and invite friends who will receive a notification and will be able to connect as soon as possible.

HouseParty is a social network app as well, meaning that friends of friends can be invited to chat, as easy as that. Now, in order to get advantage of every function in the app and to use it the way intended, there is the need to login to the service. Fortunately, this process is very easy to do as you will see.

login House Party

How to Login and get the most of HouseParty

As said before, login on House Party is a must when it comes to use the platform fully, being compatible with iOS and iPadOS and therefore it will run on any recent Android, iPhone and iPad. This is the way of doing it:

  • House Party download the app from the App Store & Google Play and install it on the device, which can be an Android, iPhone or iPad running recent versions of Android, iOS and iPadOS.
  • Tap on the HouseParty icon on the device and run the app. The first thing the application will require is to login.
  • For users that have created an account previously, tap on the option “Already Have an Account” and enter the corresponding credentials as email and address to enter.
  • If there is not a previously created HouseParty account, the user must tap on the option “Sign Up” on the first screen.
  • There are two options to obtain an account on the app: complete the registration by entering name and last name, age, email address, phone number and password, while the second procedure is by signing up by linking a Facebook account, entering the credentials related to this social network.
  • Give permission to the application to access the Facebook account and also the contacts on the phone or tablet.
  • The account should be created and the user ready to House Party login.


HouseParty log in 2022 & Houseparty download