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Houseparty is one of the most successful video calling apps across the board in the last months, being utilized by millions of people that through their smartphones, tablets and also computers in general are able to communicate and stay connected with family, friends and loved ones in general. Learn how to play Uno on Houseparty as one of its newest and most interesting features to take advantage of.

You see, Houseparty is not like the typical corporate or business focused app to make video calls and talk with partners, and while it can be used for that purposes just fine, the approach of the app is more social and for entertainment, such as playing games like Uno with friends and family in a room where up to 8 people can have a great time together.

Houseparty´s Approach: Fun and Entertainment

As mentioned before, Houseparty is a video calling app with a social and entertaining focus, so users can not only take advantage of it as an application to call others, but also to have a great time. First of all, with Houseparty you can add frames and effects online while the call is live.

However, the main characteristic the platform has is that it allows to play games instantly and completely live between other seven members of the room along with yourself. In this way, hours of fun and play can be enjoyed through the platform and only a tap on the screen away.

With up to nine games to play that include Karaoke, Trivia and others, the fun is guaranteed. Nonetheless, the newest and preferred by many users since its released on Houseparty is Uno; the classic card game created by Mattel.

Games on Houseparty: Uno Online

There are up to nine games users can play with other people in rooms with up to seven participants. Uno is the classic card game created by Mattel that is also available on Houseparty, being of the most recently added along with Magic 8-Ball, Trivia and more to have a great time with, in the company of friends of family.

In details, Uno is the card game in which the purpose is to be free of cards as soon as possible, while the other players try to do the same and try to make the other to get cards out of the pile. When a player is having only one card, he or she must scream “Uno” before the others so can win by putting the last card down or to get more depending on the game.

So, basically the rules to play Uno online through the Houseparty platform are actually the same as the physical game.

Play Uno on Houseparty: Launching the Game

Playing Uno on Houseparty is actually quite simple. The first obvious step is to open session. If you are accessing from the app, login by simply downloading and launching it for the first time on your smartphone or tablet and then enter your credentials of email address and password. This process must be carried out only one time either on iOS or Android.

For those accessing from a computer or laptop, enter the URL address: “” on a window or tab on the internet browser of choice. Then login by entering the proper credentials of the account as email address and password. Uno is available in the Houseparty app and online version of the platform.

Being logged in, the last step is to actually launch the game. To do it, on the home screen and page where you can see yourself through the camera, tap or click on the button with the dice icon and select “Uno” from the list of games. By doing so, the game should be started and ready to provide hours of fun to the users on the room.

Playing Uno on Houseparty

When we launch the game, Uno will ask us to choose a friend to play with. We can pick up to seven other friends and play at the same time. In order to choose a friend, you must add it previously as a contact by tapping or clicking on the button with the “+” icon located at the top right corner.

Select “Adding New Friends” and then you can choose between adding them manually by name or contact list from Facebook. Adding contacts from the mobile device is also a possibility.

When the contacts are selected, the match will start and you will be able to see yourself and others at all time, with the main pile of cards in the center and your cards on the bottom on the screen. The number of cards every participant has is shown on the bottom right corner of their window.

By turns, every player can play and add cards to the pile or get new ones when color and number on their pile does not match. Many hours of fun awaits with Uno on Houseparty.


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