Recover Username and Password

HouseParty has been the app of choice for video calls and chatting with family and friends from all over the world, as a platform that includes social functions that make using the application very fun and entertaining. Users can play games while they communicate and interact with others in the “Rooms”, as the virtual place where up to 8 people can meet and see each other with the best image quality.

Now, in order to use HouseParty every user must be logged in with a proper account that must be created at the first moment the app is download for Android, iPhone and iPad. In some cases, this information may be missing or worse, in the hand of third parties or unauthorized people that could access and compromise privacy.

If this is the unfortunate case, HouseParty provides the option of recovering the username and password, and in this way change the access information and protect privacy and unauthorized entering from others, which could lead to other issues. If there is a suspicion about something like this is happening, it is imperative to follow this process and avoid risks. Let´s learn how to do it.

Recovering the Username and Password in HouseParty Easily

If it is believed that somebody is having access to a HouseParty account or credentials might be at risk, to reset the username and password is the best thing to do. To do it, there are two things that must be considered: the user must have access to the email address related to the account, and secondly they must be signed out of the platform at the moment of performing the recovery procedure.

If this two mandatory requirements are not available and the user cannot sign out or does not have access to the email account to check inbox, it will not be possible to recover the account or change username and password. Follow the nest steps to complete the procedure:

  • Run the app on your mobile Android, iPhone or iPad.
  • On the home page, there is a smiley icon on the upper left of the screen, so tap it.
  • The Friends menu will appear, and a gear icon placed on the upper left part of it, being the Setting button and therefore tap it.
  • Scroll down a little bit if that is the case, or tap on “Log out” as the option identified with and “X”.
  • Tap on “Log out” on the prompt window again and session will be close.
  • Immediately the login screen will appear and we will tap on “Already have an account”.
  • On the screen where the platform ask for credentials, click on “Forgot password?”
  • A warning prompt will appear telling the user to check an email sent to the address related.
  • In this email a special and temporary link will be generated to recover and change the password. Tap on it.
  • A new window on the default internet browser will load, where HouseParty ask the user to enter a new password and type it again. When do so, tap on “Reset password” and it will be reset.
  • Now, log in using the email and new password and the user should enter just fine.