Download HouseParty on Windows 10

In current times of confinement due to COVID-19, video call and teleconferencing apps have been the way in which people are keeping in touch with loved ones and also with partners at work, becoming a great tool to have in our smartphones and the Houseparty platform is a great example of that. However, for many users is important to count on with an app for video calling on their computers and laptops. Let´s see how we can download Houseparty on Windows 10.

Houseparty has been and still is one of the most successful apps for video chats in the world during the pandemic, by involving a very novel approach of combining video calls with social and interaction possibilities in one platform, focusing on fun for users and have a good time while communicating with their families and friends in general.

But, what is Houseparty exactly? Let´s address the concept of the platform and its functions, how to have it installed on Windows 10 to use it in our computers and laptops and the available possibilities and options.

What is Houseparty?

In details, Houseparty is a face to face social network, or at least that is the way is described by its developers, by combining video call capabilities with social functions for interactions between the participants of every call.

Houseparty as a platform has been developed under a more social and for entertaining approach, in direct comparison to other video chat apps that are more related with a corporative, work or business focus to stay connected and in touch with partners, workers and general labor functions from home.

On the other hand, Houseparty is designed to have a good time and to interact and play with people on the other side, allowing up to 8 of them for every room created. Ease of use is guarantee, as well as the compatibility with different operating systems since the app is available for Android, iOS and for PC and Mac as an internet browser extension, but more on that later.

Houseparty: Functions of the Platform

Houseparty is the platform where being together is as easy as showing up. This means that according to its approach, using the app missed calls is a thing from the past since Houseparty let other users know when a contact is online and available for a video chat and to have fun with. When users are not using the platform, they simply appear as unavailable and this is useful by allowing users to have control over time when they can be reached.

By using the app, there is the possibility to create “rooms” in which up to eight people can be included and interact with while such room is active. You can have as many rooms and possible and they float around in the app for better reaching. Users can invite friends and friends of friends into a group video call with just a click or tap on the screen.

Since Houseparty have a social approach and purpose of offering fun to the user while chatting, one of its functions is including games. Pictionari, Quick Draw and Trivia are titles that can be played with other contacts while chatting to have a great time.

How to Download Houseparty on Windows 10?

Houseparty is available for mobile platforms natively, so the app can be downloaded and installed directly on Android and iOS devices through their corresponding app markets. However, Houseparty can also be used in computers running Windows 10 and other operating systems.

While the app is not available for Windows 10 natively yet, there is an internet browser extension that is compatible with Chrome, Edge and any other browser that supports such extension files. In the same way, Houseparty can be used through its official website without downloading anything, by just signing up and then logging in on the platform to start chatting and playing with friends.

To start enjoying Houseparty on Windows 10, access the official website: “” and complete the registration process on the platform to sign up, and then sign in to open session and be able to create rooms and begin chatting and play with friends.

Process of Installation of Houseparty on Windows 10

As mentioned before, Houseparty can be installed on a computer running Windows 10 as an internet browser extension, which is compatible with Chrome, Edge and other browsers, and in this way the platform is available through such browser instantly.

To install it, open a new browser tab and access the URL address: “Houseparty – Chrome Web Store (” and click on “Download” to have the extension integrated into the browser.

After the extension is installed and executed for the first time, it will ask you if you want to install it as an independent app, so accept the request and Houseparty will be installed as stand-alone application that can run on its own. This is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10.

Using Houseparty on Windows 10

Now that we have Houseparty on Windows 10, we can start using it. The first step is to open session after completing the registration process.

By clicking or tapping on the button with the plus icon on the top right corner, contacts will be shown. With Houseparty is possible to add contacts from other social networks like Facebook. Choose a contact and the room will be created automatically.

Contacts and friends can be added by tapping or clicking on the button with the smiley face, while the button with a dice icon is the one that allows to play games with other people. Choose the game to play, then select a contact and that is it.

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